Edit: going to travel for the next few days, next daily journal will be 3 days later

Ice golem lvl3 upgrade is complete. Time to start level 4

Could’ve farmed 90k for the next ice golem level but that would’ve meant an idle lab or a sub-optimal upgrade. I decided to use my only rune of DE for this upgrade since there shouldn’t be any new hero levels coming soon. Hopefully I can get another rune before TH13

Collected my second book of fighting to use on ice golems again. I originally planned to use a hammer here but I felt a book would be better. I already bought a hammer previously so I can immediately buy a second hammer if need be.

Pekkas going to lvl3 now. I forgotten to account for the loss of the gold pass next week so my pekkas will only be lvl5 by the next CWL season. So unless I want to use 3 books/hammers, I won’t get maxed pekkas for the next CWL. Unfortunately I only need pekkas to have a functional pekka bobat army, every other pieces are maxed for this army. I will get one book at the end of clan games and I might use two hammers to max out pekkas immediately.

People like to say that they want to max all troops at all TH levels because nobody can predict which troop will be buffed afterwards and become meta. However, this means sacrificing truly good troops right now, for a possible “good” future. That is a dumb move because you are depriving yourself and your clan of good, strong attacks just for a CHANCE of having strong troops in the future.

Its far better to max one good troop first, such as electro, then look at the meta before upgrading the next troop. I made the mistake of upgrading witches but they were decent in the previous meta. Instead, a maxer would’ve wasted time on wizards, minions, dragons and valks, just for a “headstart” on pekkas and hogs. Even then, it is not a true headstart because they would be at a lower TH level and still be useless in their wars.

No picture of the base because I forgotten to take one, but no worries, the lab progress was the most interesting thing of the day.

TH9 guide is updated by the way. I didn’t make a new post because the traffic to that page is good, I just updated it and cleaned up.

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