My defenses do look much nicer now right? Cannons and mortars still underleveled but everything else is TH9/10 already. Archer towers are really fast because it only takes 1-2 days to upgrade to TH9-10 level. Hopefully this allows me to defend better in CWL. I doubt I would do better than last season, where I only conceded 14 stars. I only hope I don’t do worse because of stronger defenses. That would really prove that defenses are completely worthless.

Last 2 giant bombs to upgrade, I plan to finish them before jumping back to infernos. All infernos currently lvl3 and they will be lvl5 in another 1.5 months. I like to upgrade my defenses like this, one builder on each individual defense. Mainly so that I don’t need to think too much when upgrading stuff. No WT upgrading? Start one now. No air defense upgrading? Start one now. Easy peasy

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