This was what my rewards screen looked like just 6 days before the end of the season. I still had a ton of things unused. In the end, I just sold my power potion, training potions and hero potion for 70 gems. Runes were much harder to use, I think I just sold my rune of elixir. My rune of gold just used when I spent all my gold on 2 upgrades. I probably should’ve sold the rune for gems as well. Rune of builder elixir was sold for 50 gems.

Rune of builder gold was used to upgrade a few walls on my builder base.

Still upgrading defenses. Started an air sweeper upgrade here which was going to lvl7 now. Both my air sweepers are now lvl6 and they will be maxed soon. I plan to work on a few traps after sweepers then max out cannons. Cannon and archer tower upgrades take quite a long time because they have so many levels and we have so many units of them. I’m estimating to complete them around Dec/Jan

Air defenses and wizard towers are really quick though because they don’t have as many levels. This is why they are now TH9/10 level and going to complete soon. I’ll only upgrade them to TH11 max for now and keep using book/hammer of buildings to complete them as necessary. This allows me to skip 14 days at the time using those magic items. Once archer towers and cannons are TH12 maxed, I will go back to upgrade everything else till maxed

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