I am halfway done with my lvl12 archer towers which mean they would be officially “TH10 level”. Wizard towers are nearly TH9 level now, I need another 4 levels on them before they are maxed. Looking through my tracker, it seems like I’ll run out of cheap and easy upgrades soon as my defenses reach TH11 level. The disparity between TH9-10-11 defenses is crazy. Many TH9 upgrades take 2-3 days, while TH10 upgrades are 3-7 days. At TH11, upgrades suddenly become 6-12 days.

The time cost is why I neglect defenses because the time:value ratio is just atrocious. Everything else in the game can give more value while defenses are barely more than decoration.

Just started lvl5 pekkas in the lab. I am preparing a ton of books to use after this upgrade is done. I have found a way to use maxed pekkas in the next CWL and it involves a ton of books and hammers. Stay tuned for that.

My lab is full of lvl1 troops/spells and maxed ones. This would seem weird to a maxer but this is how you maximise your lab time. One does not waste time working on troops that are useless while neglecting troops that are actually good. If I had upgraded wizards, baby dragon and valks like most maxers, I would not have maxed pekkas right now or even next month. If I were a maxer, I would have maxed pekkas next year instead of being able to use it in the next CWL


  1. Hey dusk, recently hit TH12 on one of my minis, rushed because I needed the Siege Workshop for my clan. Where would you recommend farming? I currently have 9/31/7 heroes, 2-3 of which i keep down, and im in crystal II, struggling with finding dead bases to barch.


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