Had a small break from upgrading my BM because I want to unlock super pekkas on this account. I never bothered to upgrade my barracks because I was lazy. Drop ship minions, while being a really good army, does fall flat at higher leagues. In preparation of that, I want to start working on super pekkas so that I can spend excess elixir on useful troop upgrades.

Our clan didn’t have enough active members to complete this larger clan games. Unfortunately I missed out on a book of buildings/hero from this month’s clan games. This is why I am trying to get a few more members for my clan so that we can complete next month’s clan games.

Regardless, the rewards are pretty obvious choices. Can’t complain about getting two books.

Spent almost all my gold on defenses today. Infernos cost quite a bit so if I’m not active to farm enough, my gold will be depleted. Farming using inefficient armies actually make the game much tougher than necessary. No wonder people complain that walls are hard.

This is my last air sweeper upgrade before both are maxed. Hopefully they will help me defend in CWL. After air sweepers are done, I will upgrade one mortar to lvl8 so that I can do a gear up for OTTO. I still need to do all 3 gear ups, of which I will probably use 2 book of buildings to complete, or use gems to finish the archer tower gear up.

I was lazy to farm back up to 12mil gold for my next upgrade, so I just used a free rune of gold to fill up my storage. I could’ve sold the rune for 50 gems, which would have been more worth it. I was just lazy and busy with life

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