Managed to farm enough to upgrade BM to lvl25, now I just need to farm enough for the next 3 levels before I can use runes and books to complete him.

Also, I don’t quite like this design and my other account’s bases aren’t too good too. Does anyone have any suggestion on which base to use?

The last few upgrades will cost 3.2 days each so theoretically I will max BM in another 15 days if I can farm enough elixir. If I’m desperate enough, I might even buy my first ever hammer of heroes to max him out so that I can get my 6th builder more quickly.

I hate losing streaks a lot in this game made, they really should give a small amount of loot when you lose your attacks. Maybe 0.5*destruction*base loot so that you are rewarded directly proportional to your effort. For example, if you get 100k per win but you lose and get 50% destruction, you will get 0.5*0.5*100k = 25k so at least you get 1/4 of the loot for that loss. The daily loot cap will then be adjusted to a fixed value depending on your league, so maybe a combo of 3 losses and 2 wins would get you full daily loot. Currently, if you lose 10 times in a row, you get nothing except rage.

In my picture above, you can see my 10th attack being a loss 4 hours before the picture was taken. Well, after that I kept losing and losing until I finally broke my losing streak about 10 battles later. It was crazy infuriating that I lost even when I get 98%. If I failed and got 50%, my enemy would somehow get 60% instead. Winning the battle really depends on how my enemy performs, more so than my own performance, this is the only reason why I hate the builder base. If I can lose 3-4 times and it counts as a win, I wouldn’t mind losing at all. Right now the reward scheme is unnecessarily punishing.

Finally won the last 3 battles in a row.

I don’t know why but this picture is corrupted whenever I upload it to the blog, but it looks perfectly fine on my phone. Anyway, spent some gold on a wizard tower and still overflowing on the other resources

I upgraded a cannon so that I would get a free builder tomorrow instead of 2.5 days later. Being a rusher allows me to rearrange my builders like this so that I have a ton of flexibility.

Defense log:

Being one-starred is fun. Losing a ton of loot because of the season bank overflow

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