I’m currently upgrading my multi mortar in preparation of my mortar gear up. It needs to be lvl8 for this and my regular mortar in my home base has to be lvl8 as well so I’m upgrading both.

According to this, I will need to do 3 more gear ups and a few more BM levels. I will use books for the archer tower and mortar gear ups and wait a day for the cannon one. BM is currently lvl25. I plan to upgrade him normally to lvl28 then use books and runes to bring him to lvl30. Currently I’m scheduled to get the OTTO on 22nd of Sept, hopefully I can be on time or be ahead of schedule.

Was very fortunate today, hit a win streak and won all 3 easily. I always stop at 98% to prevent 100% draws. A draw is worse than a loss because at least enemies become easier in losses. They need to do something about these 100% draws, that is also an unfun mechanic.

Nothing much transpired in the home base. Still full on loot and slowly working on defenses. I’m currently farming with bowitch which is stronger than electro most of the time and doesn’t kill my heroes.

Hogs still upgrading. The nerf really hit me hard, I can barely do any 3 stars in legends now. It is really painful to see the attack just fizzle out as hogs don’t have enough power to go through the base. I might need to pack a heavier kill squad in my army as 32-37 hogs aren’t strong enough now. But if I don’t bring enough hogs, spring traps will ruin my entire raid too. I think I might go back to pekka bobat in legends instead for the easy 2 star with possibility of 3.


  1. Hey, several questions regarding barching

    1. What army comp you use for max offense TH12?
    2. How do you use them? Tbh I don’t get how to use wb like you did
    3. What’s the best league for TH12
    4. What kind or type of base to hit on with barch?

    Preferably a video of your farming session would be very much appreciated.
    Because I find myself keep using expensive troops on TH12 to get loot.
    Thanks in advance!


    • I only attack dead bases using barch, I rarely if ever touch storages.

      1. After maxing heroes and walls, anything from electro drag, miners to bowitch for farming. Before that, barch.

      2. Google “four finger technique barch”. Its just a quick spam to drop all your barch to overwhelm defenses.

      3. I found C2-M2 to be the best.

      4. Dead bases

      Still working on the video, I’m running short on time. Hopefully can complete it before I start work


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