This is my first of 3 gear ups and I’m only doing it because of the OTTO. Honestly none of these gear ups are worth it and often they are weaker than standard towers. If only they balanced the AT, double cannon and multi-mortar properly, but they said they don’t want too much integration between bases. Probably seeing the decline of the BB, they introduced the OTTO to greatly increase the role of BB in the main base. I still think that there should be more cross-over between bases but it should be two way, being strong in the home base will give you a bonus in the builder base and vice versa.

Book of building to skip the 5.6 day wait time because I need the master builder back to upgrade the BM. Another thing they could have done for the gear ups is to make them shorter, 5.6 days is still too long even with the 20% discount. If it were just a 2-3 day upgrade, I would’ve just done it just because. Now I need to spend a book so that I can get OTTO asap.

Ooh, short AT, is it good? Not really. Back to tall mode

At least I get 10 gems for my effort. I will do multi mortar next when I get another book of buildings. I’m willing to spend 925 gems for another book from the trader because I want it completed asap. The 925 gems would pay for itself when I get the OTTO earlier so that I can max my base in another 6 months.

According to my calculations, you only need about 8-10 months of builder base progress to get the OTTO if you play efficiently. It is hard, but he is worth it. Honestly, more things in the game should have this unlock system so that efficient players can min/max a little more. If done correctly, this would also properly balance the strength between each TH level as well.

Btw, still working on the builder base guides, I haven’t forgotten don’t worry.

Its still quite tough to spend loot fast enough. That’s good actually because I am running out of time to play the game. I am starting my job soon (7th Oct) which means I may not even have the time to raid 4 times/day. I hope that I can still keep my builders busy. Publications of blog posts will slow down but I hope to still do weekly updates then, if I have enough time to sleep.

The next 1.5 days will really suck because I will have no builders coming free. It will only take about half a day to get my gold back to full and then I will be twiddling my thumbs.

Final upgrade today. Attacking in the builder base is so infuriating because winning doesn’t depend on me, the attacker.


  1. Hey SoD,

    Thank you for your post. I did gearing up the archer tower. Lucky for me that time I have still had 2 heros to upgrade. Therefore, I just used 15 builder potions (got from league shops) to speed up the master builder together with other 5 builders. So I just need to use a book of hammer for the multi-mortar gearing up.

    Would you mind giving us your thoughts about the current special offers (gold dig, potion explosion, urban planning, and library legend)?

    Thank you,


    • Sure, writing it now. Hopefully can get it up before they expire! Library legends seems to be the best pack followed by urban planning then potion explosion. 3 builder potions for $3 just doesn’t seem worth it compared to books


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