Spent some gold again to work on defenses, namely my wizard towers. They are halfway done with TH10 level which is surprisingly short. SC has made it such that TH10 upgrades don’t cost more than 6 days which is a huge discount compared to the past. In fact, I am currently upgrading my WT to lvl9 which used to be a TH11 upgrade, but brought down to TH10. Even then, it was discounted to be in line with other TH10 upgrades.

I dislike it when SC brings higher level stuff to lower levels because this stifles progression. The most egregious example here is when SC introduced lvl1 freeze spell to TH9 to “equip TH9 to attack TH10s”, which is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. TH9 should not be able to even scratch TH10s. This move was to pander to TH9 maxers which were the majority of the warring community those days where TH9 three stars were fairly easy but TH10 three stars were basically impossible (TH10 was max those days). This move made TH10s completely obsolete because you cannot 3 star other TH10s while TH9s can easily 2 star you. Those days bowlers and miners were not introduced yet so TH10 couldn’t easily 3 star TH9s as well.

These days it seems like SC changed their philosophy in regards to this. In fact, the WT stuff and TH9 gold mine/elixir collectors is probably the last time SC has brought higher level stuff to lower levels. This is a statement from them recently:

This is great because I love it when low levels complain during each update “why nothing new for TH9”. This statement is objectively stupid because TH9 has 3 whole new town halls to progress through and everything would be new. As what Darian said in the post above, “Adding content to lower TH’s is a backwards step in a game that’s about the journey through progression, especially when there’s an “Upgrade” button that would allow you to access more content.” This statement cannot be more true as lower levels still have a lot of game to play but refuse to play it because they want to “max out” lower levels.

SC has been pushing progression for some time now yet we see maxers refusing to acknowledge it. There comes a time in every CWL season where maxers cry and complain about being “outmatched” when in fact its not the system working against them but rather their refusal to play the game the right way.

I chose to upgrade wall wreckers to improve my donation. My clan is not lvl10 yet so I need at least lvl2 WW to donate maxed ones to my clan mates. So far I have been donating lower level siege machines or using my other accounts to donate. My next upgrade is probably either jump spell lvl2 or stone slammer lvl2. Currently don’t dare to upgrade hogs because I find them too risky to use for wars now.

Very simple upgrades right now. Did a cannon upgrades so that I have a builder tomorrow. I don’t really need to do that because walls are maxed but 2 days without builders is so boring.

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