Buying a book of building for 925 gems. I usually won’t buy this because it is not the best place to spend gems. However, since this would allow me to complete the OTTO sooner. Given that the 5th builder costs 2000 gems, I think spending 3000 gems or so on the OTTO should be a fair bargain.

Multi-mortar done. It is actually about the same as the normal mortar which makes it a waste of time when you consider its cost and effort. The only reason why you want to do it is for the OTTO. It fires off its first shot earlier but cannot kill archers nor skeletons in the first shot. It scatters tier 1 troops which is bad because the second or third shot might miss after the first. Even after 3 shots, it deals less damage than the regular mortar. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out its a bad upgrade.

At least I got 30 gems out of this. Now I only have the double cannon left to upgrade. Since it only costs 1.6 days, I will not use a book to complete it.

BM going to lvl28 now. I have 2 books ready to bring him to lvl30 right afterwards. I am getting really impatient though because I really want the 6th builder asap. With the OTTO, I can max out my TH12 in 17 months! Much faster than predicted.

I was actually busy during this time, which was why we had a 4 day time-skip. I only had 1.3mil gold and need to farm for the next upgrade. However, it was already 9pm and I was ready to sleep soon for an early rise in the morning.

I need to upgrade my archer tower as soon as I wake up. In 10 hours, I would max out my TH10 archer towers and start on TH11 ones. Lvl14 archer towers cost 5.5mil (4.4 with discount) and that means I need to farm 3mil before 7am in the morning. Usually that would be really easy, especially if I were farming in masters using barch. However using bowitch, I can’t actually farm too fast unless I wake up early tomorrow morning and manage to squeeze one hour of boosting.

Using bowitch, I can only attack about once every 40 minutes which makes my average loot per hour (520+220)/0.8 = 925k gold per hour. This is a far cry from the 2mil/hour I was getting using barch. Given the numbers here, maybe I should go back to crystal and use barch…


    • Anytime you like really. FWA only gives around 1mil/day so if you are farming a ton it becomes negligible. The greater advantage is that FWA loot is stored in the treasury which allows you to store more loot for walls upgrades/TH transitions


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