I woke up late, so I opted to use a rune of gold instead. That’s about 50 gems for 10.4mil loot? Its an ok trade.

If I didn’t use the rune now, I would have sold it for 50 gems. The gems are actually useless for me now, but they would be really helpful when TH13 is released and probably another 15-20 hero levels. I hope that I still have the time to play when TH13 is released, but I don’t think so.

I was just waiting for this. I wasn’t sure that it would reward a book of heroes so I saved up my books. Now I need to snipe and defeat 25 heroes.

That was really quick with AQ and warden awake, and not being in legends. This is why legends is so bad for clan games and events, you need almost 100% attendance to get the required raids. Being in crystal-champs makes events really easy.

This is my 3rd book of heroes which means I have enough to boost BM all the way to lvl30.

BM to lvl28 complete. I used a rune to have enough elixir for his next upgrade.

Lvl29 complete!

Collected another rune from the rewards. It was around this point that I realised that I should’ve taken a video instead so that you guys can follow things more easily and I don’t need to perform so many screenshots while upgrading my BM

Not 100% efficient use of rune but who cares. I’m getting a maxed BM and OTTO soon, so these runes are actually worth it. There’s another rune in clan games but I don’t think I need it right now since BM is maxed.

Upgrade to lvl30? Hell yes!

Time to collect my final book. After this, all book of heroes will be worth 50 gems to me and I cannot use them anymore. Its true that all book of heroes will lose purpose to me, but I rather be in my position than having lower level heroes.

BM maxed! Now I just need one more thing to finish my OTTO

Final gear up to go! I didn’t gem this upgrade immediately, not sure why. The gems definitely wasn’t a huge cost

Chose to upgrade jump spell in the lab so that I have 40 seconds duration. Using bowitch with 20 seconds jump is almost untenable.

Final look at my base today.

Before this picture, I used a builder potion to reduce the time for this gear up. It was the last one I had and I was a little tempted to spend CWL medals for more builder potions.

Only 237 gems. Given that the 5th builder costs 2000 gems, this is really a bargain. I think I eventually gemmed him, but only after having a good night’s sleep. This picture was taken at 11.30pm and I thought that I should sleep first and reduce the gem cost before spending the final amount.


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