Finally, after spending about 100 gems to skip the timer, I have completed him.

I couldn’t get him to lvl4 earlier because gearing up was the last thing I did. If not for the OTTO, I wouldn’t have bothered doing any gear ups. They should also do more crossovers between the bases, at least implement something that would help higher TH level players boost their BH progress. Currently, the crossovers are really one-sided, only the BH can help the main base. They should make it so that the main base can help the BH too.

Also, I am in the process of rewriting my BH7-8 guides then I will move on to writing the BH9 guide. Here’s my updated BH7 guide

Yup, you will stay permanently in the main base until it is maxed

Now with him onboard, my builder time has decreased substantially. I only need 5 months and 10 days to max out my builders! With a few books, builder potions and hammers here and there, I’m sure I will finish in around 4.5 months or so. This means that I will max out my base in 16 months time, much faster than my 18 month prediction. If I new player plays more optimally than me, I think they can finish TH12 within 13-14 months of starting the game.

Great to see the master builder over here helping out. With 6 builders, I need to average 5.5mil gold/day to keep them all upgrading. This means more farming for me. Hopefully I will have time come early Oct to keep builders busy, otherwise the dream of maxing in 16 months will not be achieved.

Setting my master builder to work on easy stuff for now, such as my underleveled cannons. Hopefully they will be strong enough to help defend my base in the next CWL.

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