There is one good pack among these horrendously bad ones. Sorry for posting this late again.

Tl;dr: only empower hour is good, the rest are pure garbage

Empower hour: one book of fighting for $2? Its really good given that you can skip 14 days of lab upgrade time.

Discovery Recovery: $3.50 for elixir, completely useless.

Dark knowledge: This is probably the third worst pack in this set. One book for $5 is actually bad value. The DE will help those who cannot farm fast enough, but if you can’t farm fast enough the book won’t help you much.

Behold the gold: This isn’t really good unless you really really need the rune of gold. However, each season pass will usually contain at least one of these runes and often all 5 runes at the same time. The season pass costs half of this and gives you far,far more

This is a really horrific set of value packs, only one is decent while the rest are not worth your time.

What’s worth your time is the new, updated BH7 guide. I’m currently updating the BH8 guide and writing the new BH9 guide

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