Builder base after getting OTTO. I’m feeling a little lost here, not sure what to upgrade. I know I will spend my elixir on super pekka until it is maxed but gold is the issue here. It seems like dropships are becoming less frequent and even at 4000, I’m getting attacked by pekkas more often than not. If pekkas are so prevalent, I will need to work on my crushers and double cannons to help defend myself.

I upgraded air bombs to lvl8 here.

Pekkas going to lvl5 right now, they still need another month to be lvl18. This is another thing that needs to be fixed in the builder base. It makes no sense that you need to upgrade your new troop for 17 levels before they become useful. The main base does it better by only having 2-3 levels for new troops.

Main base is relatively more boring. With my 6th builder, I can now work on cannons which only take one day per upgrade. This allows me to at least have one upgrade per day which at least staves off the boredom. I only need 5 months to max out my TH12 right now. Hopefully I still have time after starting work in 2 weeks’ time. My work will involve 80-100 hours/week so it would be hard to farm without sacrificing sleep.

6 builders also increase my gold needs to almost 5.5mil/day which will be hard to farm when I’m hard at work. At least I will be able to afford those value packs with my income.

Upgrading jump spell to lvl2. I’m not sure whether it is worth it to upgrade to lvl3 right now because 40 seconds is plenty. My pekkabobat army uses a jump spell though but rage spell works fine as well. Its really hard to decide what to upgrade in lab right now because almost everything is fluff right now


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