After the long discussion I wrote yesterday, I bought a builder potion. I needed it otherwise my builder would complete at 2am, not a good time. Its so hard to coordinate builder times so that they complete during the day time. Well, if I put a little more thought and brain it wouldn’t be so hard but I’m just lazy to think too much. Never fear though, when I start working in 2 weeks’ time, night shift would ensure that I stay awake at 2am.

To be clear, before this I was working as a researcher and my hours were quite good. I only had to work 7.30am-4pm every day and sometimes up till 8pm with a total of ~60-70 hours per week. Before that, I was a medical student and the hours were easier. In 2 weeks’ time, I will be working as a full on doctor, from 5am-11pm daily for morning shifts and 3pm-11am for night shifts; a total of 90-105 hours per week. This is why I’m worried that I probably can’t play much, if at all anymore. I still wish to max out my TH12 in 5 months, if that’s possible but its going to be tough.

I really need to balance out my long and short upgrades. I have multiple days of short upgrades then 3-4 consecutive day of long, expensive upgrades. This mean that I need to farm 2mil/day for most of the week then suddenly require 8mil/day for 4 days in a row. I will probably change up my upgrade schedule so that I don’t need have such variable resource requirements.

Afterwards when I work, putting two long and expensive upgrades on the same day would be a bad idea because I cannot farm so much to work on these upgrades. I will need to try my best to spread out the farming load so that I can keep builders busy with the least amount of effort. I might even go to high titans to farm gold if that is necessary.

Looking at these two upgrades, it is more worth it to upgrade a WT to lvl10 than to lvl9. Even adjusted for time, I’m getting 1.5 dps/day on lvl10 while only 1 dps/day on lvl9. I currently have 3 lvl9 and 2 lvl8 WT. I will upgrade the lvl9 ones to lvl10 before working on the lvl8 ones to lvl10.

I intend to upgrade air mines to lvl9 so I’m saving up the gold for it. After that I will work on crushers and double cannons to stop pekka attacks

My own super pekka is going to lvl7 right now. Trackers show that with perfect timing, I would be able to max out my super pekkas in November, excellent /faceplam

They really need to look at reducing the upgrade times for new buildings/troops for higher BH levels. I get why they want lvl18 to be maxed, so that it is uniform for all troops. But I don’t get why higher tier troops take so much time and resources to upgrade to a proper level. If lvl1-10 super pekkas took 300k-1.5mil and 6-24 hours, it wouldn’t be such a hassle to upgrade these troops. However, it takes 4 days per level from lvl8 onwards to upgrade the super pekka, then 5 days for lvl17/18. Even with the gold pass, it will take 2 months to upgrade from lvl1-18. They really need to rebalance this


    • Had a guest author in the past, but posting everyday can easily drive people nuts. I’ve just done writing a really long guide so do enjoy it. I’m trying to make a video of my progress right now so if you’re lucky you can watch it tomorrow


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