I actually have a montage of pictures which forms a 2 minute video on the progress of my base in the past year, but somehow can’t get it uploaded to WordPress. So at the mean time, I written the how to rush to TH12 guide and now I’m writing this post.

I can’t believe that it has been a year since I started this account. It just flew by! And to think that I started this account because I was bored during my off day. I was very reluctant to start a new account because it meant a long, dedicated amount of effort was required to nurture it. The amount of farming wasn’t a barrier, but the fact that I need to play the account for 2 years was. Fortunately, I have been relatively free the past 12 months and now this is the results of the account. The next 6 months is going to be tough because I will start my 90-100 hour work week but I hope to persevere and max out this account.

I have long maxed walls and heroes on this account. Now, I am only focusing my efforts on defenses which don’t require much farming. I’ll need to grind a little harder towards the end later when I’m working on lvl16/17 cannons and AT but now the costs of defenses are really cheap. I only need to farm about 5.6mil gold/day to keep all builders busy. I will need to do this for another 130 days before I can max out my account. I will also spend books and hammers to speed up this progress so I expect to max out my account in about 16 months of starting the game.

Lab will take another 1.5 years to max which is nearly impossible because SC usually adds more lab time than you can complete it. This is why I don’t focus my efforts on lab as much. Furthermore, you don’t need a maxed lab to be 98% functional in war. Selectively upgrading troops always trumps upgrading them evenly because a ton of lower level troops isn’t as good as 3 maxed troops resulting in a strong army. This is one mistake maxers always make. A TH10 with a maxed lab is still infinitely weaker than a TH12 with 3 maxed troops.

This is my troop progress, with maxed farming troops and selectively maxing a few other troops. Most notably, I skip a lot of spell upgrades because they are generally less impactful. Despite recent buffs, eq spell is still underpowered and clone spell is not used often as people design their base against electrone.

I am thinking to work on hogs until they are maxed then maybe upgrade dragons for now.

Currently working to max out all traps before I move on to defenses full time. Things are still cheap for now but their price will crank up really quickly towards the end especially with archer towers and cannons. I will leave most of the 14 day upgrades until I get enough books or hammers to complete most of them. To date, I think I have only done two 14-day upgrades normally, the rest were skipped using books and hammers.

If you want to observe my live progress, click on the clash.ninja link below:


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