Cannon upgrades are so quick, I’m upgrading a different cannon every day. These TH9 upgrades are so cheap, even TH10 cannons are stupidly cheap. I remember that TH8 cannons would cost 1.6mil, TH9 cannons would cost 3.2mil and TH10 cannons cost 6.4mil then 7.5mil. Now that growth of the price has been decreased, it is much faster to complete the same upgrades.

Just did my schedule and I would actually complete TH12 archer towers and cannons at the same time! Despite starting AT upgrades much earlier, I could easily catch up my cannon upgrades because they are so short.

If SC doesn’t introduce TH13 the following update, I would be able to max TH12 after just 16 months of starting the game (January 2020). I really need to speed up if I want to max out before SC introduces TH13. I’m just worried that I cannot keep my builders busy because of my 100 hour work week that will start soon.

I honestly thought that this was a barb event so I was looking to squeeze barbarians in my bowitch army. In reality, it was a raged barb event which was meant to be completed in the builder base. Since I didn’t follow my own BH9 guide advice, I only had lvl16 raged barbs which made this event a pain. At least it only required me to get 10 stars, not 10 wins or 10 battles. I tried my best and it took me 6 raids to complete this event. Fairly easy.

The loon event was more interesting. I used my standard electro army and just added more loons. I used 7 electro and 14 loons to complete the event. For my spells, I used 3 rage and 5 freeze with cc rage. I used an electro plus two loons in a stone slammer for my cc.

Attack logs tomorrow

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