Season ending in an hour, I elected to keep one builder free so that I can immediately spend the season bank loot.

All the rewards obtained and I only have 15k DE which I cannot claim. Oh well, DE is useless to me anyway. I’m using an army which costs 2.9k DE but somehow my DE is full all the time. Its crazy that TH9s will spend so much time farming DE at a 50-70% penalty when DE becomes so plentiful at TH10-12. Then they proclaim how hard the grind was and how impressive their 30/30 heroes are. They will only realize later than getting 40/40 heroes at TH10 is much easier than their previous achievement.

Ooohhh, skeleton king, spooookkkyyyy…

Oh yay, 25mil/25mil. In the previous seasons, this would result in me having full storages for 1-2 weeks which made the game really boring. This time, I came prepared.

First, check my tasks to see if getting the 10% builder discount is easily attainable. For this season, it seems like I will need to snipe some collectors and heroes to get enough points for the builder boost. If I only needed to upgrade a few walls or clear obstacles to get the points, I would get the 10% discount before spending my gold.

Tesla instantly upgraded, 11mil spent.

Inferno tower upgraded, another 11mil spent.

I then spent another 4mil to upgrade an archer tower which left me with about 8mil gold. Now, I can farm gold even on the first day of the season. The first book came from clan games and the second one from the end of season pack I bought last week which had 2 books of everything and 1 book of building. I still have two books of everything which I can spend if I farm too much gold later on.

No pics of my base today because I forgotten to take one

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