It is so frustrating to play the builder base because of all these 100% draws. The only way I can win is to hope that my enemy makes a mistake and gives me the win. Sometimes when I screw up and didn’t get the 100%, my enemy screws up as well but gets higher % than me. This is the only reason why I hate the builder base, I don’t like losing and getting nothing. Why play a game if you cannot win? They really need to do something to make this game mode fun instead of frustrating to play.

I think they should introduce a lose bonus so that you get a percentage of loot even if you lose and the daily cap is the same as getting wins. If you lose 3 and win 2, you can probably gain enough loot to reach your daily cap. Or if you are in a bad day, you can lose 10 times and still get your daily loot instead of just wasting your 1-2 hours getting nothing.

I’m quite sure that my builder base will be severely neglected when I really start work because of this. I cannot be bothered to gamble my time for possible results when my time is so limited to even sleep. Unless something is fixed, I will probably quit the builder base and rely solely on collector loot to keep my defenses upgrading.

Eventually, I got my 3 wins and was able to continue playing my builder base. With my defenses so weak, staying around 4000 is tough as everyone else has maxed or near maxed defenses. This is why my BH9 guide advises you to upgrade barbs and carts despite them being weaker than most combinations. Being a rushed BH9, your defense is your limiting factor, not offense. Upgrading a stronger army is futile as everyone can easily 100% you, leaving you with no loot. The frustrating thing is, your performance doesn’t really matter because you get nothing when the enemy gets 100% on you.

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