Changing my schedule slightly now that my base is matured and daily posts will get boring. I am currently working in an extremely busy hospital and fortunately I get one day off per week (unless a disaster happens). I can still try my best and make one post per week on my progress and try my best to write 1-2 guides per fortnight. These guides will supersede my progress entries in the future when I am maxed with no content to play.

This picture was my base last week as make up since I really couldn’t get the time to write the post.

I’ve started work on my bomb towers which have very low level limit. I think they need a buff on their regular damage so that they are at least competitive with wizard towers. In their current state, they are only good as timed giant bombs.

Traps are going to be maxed in another week so I can focus all my efforts on defenses until they are maxed. At this moment when you are reading this post, I am just 4 months away from maxing TH12. Unfortunately, it seems like TH13 is just around the corner which will extend my play time. Unfortunate, or fortunate?


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