I forgotten to close my gps before taking a picture of my base. Was stuck in a jam so using my phone wasn’t too dangerous.

Bought a hammer to upgrade an air defense to max. This is my first maxed air defense and its growth is hilariously bad. No wonder TH11 and TH12 are so close. Electros and air defenses are only 10% stronger in TH12. I don’t understand why can’t SC at least make the gap 20% so that TH11 cannot crush us TH12 so easily. This is why I am not concerned about upgrading my defenses to TH12 level.

TH12 growth is so small that it is almost not worth it. The only good things TH12 gets are lvl40 warden and the lvl5 giga tesla. Xbows and infernos are moderately ok but almost everything else grows too slowly to make them worth it. Knowing SC, TH13 would have a small gap as well and we would get crushed by TH11 easily for stars.

I hope TH13 would be at least 25% stronger than TH12 from the outset. 132 dps cannons should go up to at least 165 dps; 400 dps air defenses should go up to 500 dps. In return, 4200 hp electros should go up to 5300 hp so that they remain relatively the same against TH13 defenses. This would allow TH13s an easy way to curbstomp TH12 because of the decent growth.

My defenses are actually looking quite nice now. Nobody can tell that I actually rushed my defenses previously. This only took a few months of work which is why players shouldn’t worry about defenses. My weakest defenses are bomb towers and mortars which are really weak to begin with. My cannons and archer towers will still take the longest to complete way after mortars and bomb towers are maxed. Towards the end, I would have 2 builders working on cannons, 2 on archer towers and 2 on mortars until the latter is maxed.

My cannons are also catching up right now. They used to be lvl9 while my archer towers were lvl12. Now they are just one level apart and they will reach lvl15 (maxed TH11) at the same time.

Hog riders upgrading to lvl7 right now which is TH11 max. After that I will need to upgrade it twice to maxed TH12 level. I have two books ready to be used once these 6 days are up to bring them straight to lvl9. After hogs are maxed, I will work on siege machines so that I can donate maxed siege machines in my low level clan.

Defense log:

Is my defense better now that it is stronger? Not sure really. I’m still getting about the same defense results since months ago and I’m still 3 starring sometimes despite having stronger defenses. Really, this part of the game is quite pointless as you can earn more than you lose.

Attack log:

One loot raid is enough to offset almost two defenses, so why should I bother to upgrade them? Loot in champs is really inconsistent though and even farming with maxed heroes, attacking bases with 500-700k, I still think that barch is much faster

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