I meant to write this last week but I was working like a mad man. It was basically work > sleep > work > sleep for 6 straight days. By now, this post is way too late so just have fun reading it.

I got a halloween obstacle on the first day of the event and by now I have a ton on my base. I don’t really arrange my these obstacles so as long as they’re on the border, I’m ok.

Royal ghosts are great stupidly broken troops. Just use them like sneaky archers, spam them around the base to pick off collectors. With them, I can even farm loot quickly on my tight schedule. 2 sessions of 10-15min early in the morning and late at night allows me to keep my builders busy.

Initially, I didn’t know how to use them and just substituting some of my bowitch or pekkababat army to add some ghosts. However, that was not really effective and I was failing more attacks than I would like to. It made my army

Afterwards though, I learned how to use them: just bring 35 of them and smash dead bases. The farming was so easy that 30min of farming daily was enough to keep my builders busy. I would surely miss them when they leave but they would break the game if they were permanent. They are way too strong at lower levels and it allows lower levels to easily crush us high levels which is absurd.

Though it is an unpopular opinion, good riddance.

Used a builder potion

Defenses are looking quite nice now these days right?

In 3 days, hogs will go from lvl7 to lvl9 instantly and I can choose to use them in wars afterwards. However, with my super tight schedule, I cannot participate in wars anymore as it will cut too much into my farming time.

I will still participate in cwl as my clan depends a lot on me to stay within our leagues otherwise we would most likely tumble back down into crystal 3

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