Completed the royal ghost event within a day by removing my witches from bowitch and some bowlers to bring more ghosts. But the army was really weak so I won’t bother to share it to you guys.

Research potions are only great as free rewards such as the above. I rarely use any other potion besides research and builder potions anyway so either one is usually fine for me. Some other people really love training potions and they get annoyed by research potion diluting the pool of magic items.

With so many magic items, it seems that builder potions have become much scarcer especially after the nerf in the league shop. I miss the amount of builder potions I got to use in the past. With 6 builders, the potions become crazy good. Unfortunately, hammers are still more efficient despite having 6 builders. Hammer of building cuts 268.8 hours while 4 builder potions can only cut down 216 hours.

This is the entire list of upgrades I have remaining. Most of these buildings still require a few levels but the list is surprisingly short now. I’m excited to max out soon but it seems TH13 would come out in 2 months and I’m scheduled to max out in 4

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