SC added a second level to hogs for TH12 in one of the past updates which made them quite strong. Before the update, they were abysmal and not used at all. If SC thought that they were too weak, they should just buff them instead of adding so many levels. The only reason why they added a new level instead of buffing them directly is to increase the grind for everyone. This is why I felt that 2 levels per TH in archer towers and cannons is really unnecessary and redundant.

The funny thing about these two upgrades is the greatest increase lies in training cost, not dps and health. SC should really look to tweak troops so that their upgrade is worthwhile.

Of course, after adding lvl9 hog riders, they were found to be too strong and was nerfed. Now, I feel that they are a little too unreliable to be used in wars so I quit using them for a while now. I’m not sure if I would even use them now even if they are currently maxed.

Book and now my hogs are maxed. Now I have to decide what to upgrade. Most of my other troops are all lvl1 so upgrading them will take a long time to upgrade and would not be worth it. After just one year of playing, I feel like there is nothing left for me to upgrade in the lab.

I decided to upgrade the stone slammer for now so that I can donate maxed stone slammers in my lvl9 clan. Afterwards, I think I will upgrade wall wreckers to lvl3 so that I can use them without donations. Then maybe work on skeleton trap or dragons till maxed

Loot is maxed again which is good. Farming is so hard after starting work, at least I still have quite a few cheap upgrades to do.

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