Dropped back down to crystal to spam royal ghosts. And this is how I was farming the last week with my 110 hour per week work schedule. I’m scared now that they are going away soon. It will be almost impossible for me to farm enough loot given my schedule. Even barch cannot keep up because I’m basically doing work 18 hours > sleep 6 hours > work 18 hours > sleep 6 hours > repeat.

With royal ghosts, I was able to keep my builders busy all the time easily and I can still keep my gold storages full everyday with just minimal farming. After this I will probably go back to barch and hope that I can farm fast enough to keep builders busy. I’ll go back to a 80 hour work week after this week so hopefully I can keep up with the farming requirements.

My defenses are now at TH10/11 level. After maxing heroes, defenses come so easily. I don’t understand why people think that defenses are the minimum requirement before upgrading TH because they are so useless and so easy to upgrade. People should focus on heroes and walls rather than defenses. However, they judge whether you are rushed or not based solely on your defenses. You can have 65/65/40 and people will call you rushed because your defenses are TH8 level.

Attack logs:

Going to miss royal ghosts 😦


  1. I am in the same boat. Rushed Th9, hitting constant 600k/600k/2.7k DE dead bases during this event in crystal and now I have to use barch again.

    Do you think that gibarch is any better than regular barch if I am deploying them in the same way? Worth upgrading giants to add to my barch attack? I wouldn’t be going inside, I’d still be using them as a normal barch attack. Something like 50 barbs, 10 giants, 120 archers would be the composition.


    • I find gibarch to be generally worse than barch because giants themselves don’t contribute to getting % and they can’t shield archers from mortars. In fact, lvl8 barch has almost the same hp as giants but more than 5x the damage


      • Thanks for that info! Never knew! I just follow a lot of other heavy attackers that I see in my league (a lot of them are Chinese), and they tend to run gibarch all the time, I thought I was missing something!


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