Using my weekly hammer of building to skip another 14 day upgrade.

Wasn’t able to start my builders on time because of my work schedule. I never open my game during work and I rarely get lunch/dinner breaks to open the game as well. As a result, now I have two builders working on cannons at the same time which will complete on the same time.

3 days 16 hours on both cannons so I’ll need to save up 10mil to upgrade both cannons at the same time. Next upgrade is just a cheap mortar so I don’t need to farm for it.

Upgraded skeleton spell because it only costs 3.5 days. This picture was taken before the end of the last season challenge which had 30% research boost. So I’m trying to squeeze out one last upgrade before the discount ends. This upgrade will complete 1 day before the new season pass so I do a longer upgrade using with 30% discount. I really like to min-max that way

I miss royal ghosts already 😦 giant skeletons were another favorite. Too bad they are absurdly broken and would destroy the balance of the game

BH9 is so tough because my defenses are so weak. If my enemy does 100%, it doesn’t matter what I do in the end because a draw is also considered as a loss. Also, I can only reliably play during my off days so I can hardly farm any loot on the builder base, progression is grinding to a halt here but I think that BH10 is still quite a distance away so I can slowly take my time to upgrade

Finally pekkas going to lvl17 now, it will take another effort to upgrade them again and I can finally use them in my armies

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