Halloween packs are pretty bad this year. I was working a lot during this period so I did not cover these packs and advised you guys not to buy these. The only possible good deal was the $10 pack with 2 books and a decoration. If you like the dragon statue then it might be worth it, otherwise it was also bad.

Thrilled to build and need for speed are generic packs and are worth no mention. They are pretty bad. The clash-o-ween pack with one book of everything for $5 is also not worth it.

3rd air defense now maxed using a book of everything. This picture was taken on 28th Oct and I regretted a little for not saving this for the November season because I spent the first week of Nov with 30+mil gold in my storage.

Loot cart in a fixed place now is great because I don’t need to scour my base to look for the cart. Sometimes it was annoying that the loot cart can be inside my base and I might even forget to look for it and lose some loot. The last QOL update really gave nice changes.

I still have 1 air defense and 5 wizard towers that I can use books and hammers on. After those defenses are done, I will most probably keep my books and hammers for the final level of mortars and possibly TH13 stuff.

2 days till my next builder, good for me because I can slowly farm to fill up my storages while I spend 18 hours a day at work.

But 3 upgrades in 2 hours when everything completes, that will make life hard. Those builders will complete on my work day so I cannot possibly farm enough loot to keep all builders working. Mortar costs 2.5mil and the 2 cannons cost 6.5mil each. I will need to store about 4mil loot in my treasury to complete all upgrades. I also don’t want to use my rune of gold if possible. Let’s see if I can store enough loot for that.

Afterwards, I will need to farm hard again because I will have all 6 builders coming free in less than 2 days. Spoiler: I spent a rune of gold here

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