Our clan barely scraped 50k points for this clan games with me maxing out my points across my accounts. If you are a TH9 and above, and interested to join my clan, you are more than welcome. I’ll try to be online to accept you.

I took all the obvious choices. First column gems, second column gems (shovel sells for 50 gems), third column gems, fourth column builder potions, 5th column I chose the rune first, 6th column I chose gems.

I chose an extra 100 gems for my extra rewards. If you don’t know, you can get an extra reward after getting 4k points in clan games, part of the previous QOL update. This allowed me to choose another 100 gems.

I always choose gems in clan games because those are the only rewards that matter in the long run. I will make sure my magic item storage is full first then fill everything up with gems.

Sweet, 310 gems straight up

My mortars are the most underleveled defense right now, but they would max out first before my cannons and archer towers are done. Those point defenses are the longest upgrading defense in the entire game because of their sheer amount of buildings and levels. Of all the accounts I have previously maxed, I have always had point defenses finishing last.

Another day before the excessive spending. Spoiler: I forgotten to take a picture of doing my upgrades. Oh well


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