I like this new interface and the QOL update changes to the season pass. The ice queen looks good too, I might change my AQ’s permanent skin to this.

With all the expensive upgrades I did previously, I now need to wait at least 2 days for my next builder and my loot is at 28mil after the season bank. Well, since I’m so busy I don’t really mind. I will need to wait for 2 days before I can spend my loot. I also have no book so my gold will still overflow for 2 days

No picture of my base because I forgotten to take a pic

I will need to buy the gold pass for both accounts in preparation for TH13. For SinOfDusk, I will try to keep 30/30mil to start out TH13 immediately so I don’t need to spend money to buy the TH13 pack for extra loot. Unless the pack contains some time savers like a few levels in some new stuff, I probably won’t buy it for only resources.


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