I like this new interface and the QOL update changes to the season pass. The ice queen looks good too, I might change my AQ’s permanent skin to this.

With all the expensive upgrades I did previously, I now need to wait at least 2 days for my next builder and my loot is at 28mil after the season bank. Well, since I’m so busy I don’t really mind. I will need to wait for 2 days before I can spend my loot. I also have no book so my gold will still overflow for 2 days

No picture of my base because I forgotten to take a pic

I will need to buy the gold pass for both accounts in preparation for TH13. For SinOfDusk, I will try to keep 30/30mil to start out TH13 immediately so I don’t need to spend money to buy the TH13 pack for extra loot. Unless the pack contains some time savers like a few levels in some new stuff, I probably won’t buy it for only resources.


    • Nope, none are worth it for now. You can actually find the comments for the home base packs in my blog by searching it. BB ones are only worth it if you have extra books because loot itself is worthless in the BB


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