Started 3 upgrades today so my gold was drained completely. With my busy schedule, it is actually really difficult to start builders on time so now I have two cannons starting and completing around the same time which is not good builder planning. I’ll need to try and decouple them so that I have time in between upgrades to farm gold otherwise I would not have the storage space to upgrade higher level cannons.

If possible, always try to ensure that builders don’t complete on the same day so that you can farm in between the upgrades. Also, if your walls are not maxed, that allows you to upgrade walls everyday instead of having overflowing loot at certain points of time.

Now I have 3 days to farm 12mil gold for full storage, then I will have 3 upgrades to do within 24 hours. That’s some really bad planning.

Decided to upgrade poison spell because I can use two books to max it out right away after getting it to lvl4. The choice was between poison or clone spell, I know I use poison more often so I chose to max it first. After poison, I will work on maxing dragons. I calculated so that I can get dragons to lvl5 before the season ends and use two books to bring it to lvl7 (maxed). After dragons, I’m not sure what to work on next.

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