Ice queen skin is really nice and is probably my favorite AQ skin as of now. Not only for the appearance but also for the ice effect when you use her ability. I wonder how do players play this game without the season pass with all the perks and magic items. The skin to me is always just an extra bonus which I usually don’t care much about. Just buying the season pass is as good as getting the 6th builder because of the 20% builder boost.

Since we know TH13 is releasing next month, I’m currently struggling to fill out my season bank to 25mil/25mil on my main account. It was in lower leagues previously but I always collected from my collectors before attacking which means most attacks didn’t count for season bank. Now that I’m in legends, I cannot lose loot the conventional way anymore and I still need to attack to gain 17/17mil for my season bank. It seems that I will need to drop out from legends first before I can even consider filling up my season bank. This is going to be a really slow slog.

Finally gotten 5000 points since the introduction of this achievement. This was added last month with the recent update and will take almost an entire year to complete.

My DE is creeping up back to full after getting 2 poison levels. The speed is a little slow since I’m using bowitch which costs about 5k DE. I’m not too concerned about my DE because I still have a month before TH13 arrives.

One day before both cannons complete upgrading. I will need to split them soon otherwise their cost would be too high for me to start two upgrades.

Dragons going to lvl3 here and they will be maxed before end of November.

The best thing about having slightly stronger defenses now is that I don’t need to manage clan castle troops anymore. I keep my cc sleeping now that I need ice golem+pekka for regular attacks. If I switch back to electro, I will activate CC again for defense but I’m lazy to manage it for now

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