Spent a hammer here to max out another wizard tower. This will be the final hammer I use before TH13 drops. I will buy builder potions instead in TH13 to max out heroes faster. I hope they don’t release too many hero levels initially, maybe 70/70/50 with a new hero up to lvl20. It would be a little crazy if they introduced a new resource to upgrade the hero with. If they did that, the resource would be crazy scarce and the only probable way to farm it quickly is probably through legends.

Since all supercell’s efforts have failed to encourage players to push to high leagues, I think they might introduce a new resource like that to stir up the farming meta. Afterwards though, once the resource becomes more abundant, lower leagues might have more availability. This would actually encourage farming even more because the accessibility of this scarce resource would be limited to higher level players and if you don’t have the storage, you would self-incur a 100% loot penalty on this new resource.

Just my speculations here, but the idea of a new resources type cannot be ruled out right now.

Reached titans on this account. I spammed too quickly on the proper page so I only have this picture of me reaching titans. Honestly, I don’t get why low levels want to climb so high, probably because of the reddit karma. The balance is so out of whack right now, seeing TH8/9s reaching legends. The sad thing is that TH9 can easily get 1 star on maxed TH12 without much thought so it really isn’t too hard for a TH9 to push to legends that way.

Farming in titans isn’t really ideal as you can see. I have a full army ready but my heroes are dead from my first raid. This means I lose 50% of my efficiency farming here. I need to consistently raid at least 800/800k before loot bonus in order to match my farming speed in masters. In fact, I’m struggling to

Did an archer tower upgrade today and a dragon upgrade. This picture was taken on the 20th Nov 2019 and I had the time to shuffle my clash.ninja graph around so that I have one builder coming free per day. Prior to this, I just started the same building after something completes. Eg. if I finish a cannon upgrade, I start another cannon upgrade. This lead to crazy days where I had 3 builders coming free on the same day and sometimes 3-4 day stretches with no free builders. Now, I have taken control and ensure that I only have 1 builder coming free each day and a minimum of 16-18 hours between builders.

Prior to clash.ninja, I used to plot out everything on graph paper and excel to ensure that my builders are well spaced out. Talk about dedication!

Again shout-out to clash.ninja who made a wonderful site.


Current progress while writing this: https://www.clash.ninja/share/village/tinysin-zdfsdww

Dragon going to lvl4 now. I just saw a video made my itzu that he rates dragons lower than pekka 😦 I already have pekkas maxed and have the entire army for pekka smash, so I don’t really need dragons. Based on my own play testing, I found dragons to be really unreliable so I never touched them even on my main. I should’ve worked on lava hound instead because they are more high risk high reward and I would try and learn it.

The problem with laloon is that you need to relearn it every single TH level. I remember being really good at pentalaloon when I first rushed to TH9 then did great with ks (cb/stoned) laloon but I completely flopped in TH10. Mainly because of no new level of loons in TH10 and the difficulty of 3 stars back then. Then TH11 came and my loon skills were completely unusable, TH12 is a completely different beast and I don’t think I’ve ever trained a hound in these 1.5 years of TH12.

For now, I’m not making enough loot in titans. I can still keep builders busy, just barely.

These are the upgrades I have remaining before I max out TH12. Some still require 2 levels but you can see how short my list is right now. Too bad I cannot complete it in time before TH13

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