Full elixir right now and I need to fill up my season bank. Luckily I looked through the season bank of my accounts and I found that I only had 6mil elixir in my bank for this season. This was primarily because my elixir was full throughout the month and all my elixir was wasted. Now I’m using electro dragons to waste my elixir and farm 300k per raid into my season bank. Its even worse for my main account

Working on 3 mortars and 3 archer towers here. I wanted to rearrange my builders so that I have one coming free every day, you can see that with the timers in the picture above.

Defense log:

I seriously don’t know what’s the value of defenses. I am still getting crushed a ton and losing a lot of loot even with strong defenses. A reason might be my league (champs compared to crystal in the past). However, I know from experience that lower leagues aren’t much better because many people will just snipe my collectors as they fill up overnight, resulting in the same loot lost. Sure, there are a few 1 stars, but there are still quite a few 3 stars as well. On average, I don’t think I’m losing less even after spending months working purely on defenses.

Defenses are just a complete waste of time in this game.

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