Elixir slightly drained now because I started a dragon upgrade, but otherwise gold and DE are both full. Farming is so easy these days, its a wonder how people can say “I can keep all builders busy” and think its an accomplishment. I can almost keep my builders busy with just boosted collectors and a 50% win rate in wars. Plus 2-3 raids per day in whatever league and I’m covered for all builder costs. Even when I was working 110 hours per week, I was able to to keep builders busy by doing 4-6 raids daily.

Farming 5.6mil per day to keep builders busy isn’t too hard. Now I’m chilling off while I’m waiting eagerly for the TH13 update. With the current 50% discount, I only need 2.8mil and almost 700k is covered by collectors. This leaves almost nothing for me to farm daily.

Btw guys, a life update. I just gotten an offer to work as a doctor in Australia so I have quit my job in Malaysia due to the massively higher pay in Australia and much fairer working hours. This is why I can now post regular updates on my base and actually have time to twiddle my thumbs. I will start working Down Under on the 6th of Jan. I will try really hard to finish all important upgrades in TH13 before then.

Dragons completing in 5.5 days from when this picture was taken. They will complete on 30th Nov before the season pass expires so I can upgrade them twice (using books) with the 20% discount. After dragons, I will work on hounds until the TH13 update arrives. Not sure what troop to upgrade when TH13 is released. If everything only gets a 10% boost, then it will be really hard to decide what to upgrade. I will need more info before speculating.

Need to fill up my season bank elixir before the season is up

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