Half gold cost for all upgrades. Many people who were lazy are now farming walls at double speed because of the event, and as usual, the maxed players can only watch. I wonder why low levels keep complaining that they don’t get enough content.

Most importantly, the picture shows something quite interesting in the background. Is that the new TH13? Based on a few more leaks, it is likely. I’m really hyped for this update, will rush to TH13 on day one on this account. I still have about 2 levels of cannons and archer towers to go, but who cares. The only problem is that I want to use a book of building on the town hall and also try to keep all my builders available for everything new in TH13. I’ll need to see what is getting released to plan out my builders for the update. If there are multiple upgrades to be done, then I would probably cancel some builders (the horror).

Too bad the winter jam only decreased the resource cost and not the time cost. This sort of discount is pretty useless because my resources are already overflowing like crazy. I only needed to farm 5.6mil gold per day and now I only need 2.8mil with the discount. Given that my collectors alone produce 800+k, I only need like 2-3 raids per day to keep my builders busy.

Finishing up the final level of bomb towers here. I originally planned to save them for book usage but I think I rather max them out right now because they can be pretty good in defense. Wizard towers still lagging behind because I’m saving them for books. Might regret that if they make WT stronger in TH13.

Defenses seem well prepared for TH13, I’m still wondering whether I should keep some builders idle while I anticipate TH13 or just keep them working and probably cancel some upgrades. I will definitely use a book to reach TH13 asap, so having builders available is pretty crucial. And because I nearly maxed TH12 on this account, I would find it much harder in TH13 initially because everything is too expensive.

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