With the winter jam event is in full swing, everyone is enjoying their half priced walls, except me of course. I’m struggling with nothing to do because my loot is constantly full. I’m seriously looking forward to TH13 so that I can start farming and progressing again.

Made a serious mistake here, probably because I didn’t check my builder plan properly on clash.ninja. Somehow I left a 3 day gap (that’s almost 4 nights) between my builders. This is pretty normal for many players but such a rare occurrence for me. I will just have to deal with the consequences and probably play less on this account for a few days. At least I have my main account which I want to push to legends asap.

Builder base coming around ok. Defenses are lvl7-9 now with pekkas being maxed. Progression is quite steady here after I stopped working. Baby dragons also upgrading to lvl17 here and they’ll be lvl18 before the end of the month. I will work on hog gliders next. I can’t really push higher without stronger defense so having extra offense isn’t helping much.

Lucky day today with some easy wins. Hopefully I can push higher now that the reset has been increased to 5000.


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