I just did a recount and realised that I only have 2 books of fighting. If I used both books on dragons, I would not have one spare book for TH13. I thought for a while (5 minutes), then decided to use both books anyway because I would think that resources would be quite tight initially as a new TH13. If there is no new barb/arch level, then I wouldn’t be in such a huge rush to max out multiple troops in TH13. I’ll just try to max out electro loon quickly and hope that it is strong enough to decimate enemies with TH12 defenses.

Used my first book, then I need to collect my clan game rewards for my second book.

Collected everything based on usefulness. Training potion, 50 gems and shovel were converted to 160 gems. I sold off those items before collecting it so that I still have a full stash of 5/5. Lab potion was taken because it was worth more than 50 gems in the shovel; builder potion because they are awesome and book of fighting for second dragon upgrade.

Don’t forget the second reward, which I happily took 100 gems. After reviewing this picture, I facepalmed myself for not taking the book of spells which were worth way more than 100 gems. Stupid me for not planning ahead. Oh well, mistakes made

Total reward. Now I can go back to upgrading my dragon.

I had the extra elixir from my treasury and season challenge rewards. This allowed me to have about 7mil elixir ready to be spent immediately.

Second book and dragon is now maxed. I’m not sure if I’ll ever use them but TH13 might change things.

After this, I started on my hound upgrade. I still need 4 more levels on these for them to be usable. Hopefully they won’t become meta in TH13, but even if they do, I can max them out before the end of December.

Base looks about ready for TH13. I will most likely keep the Crows base design and drop back into crystal/masters. Loot might be scarce the first few days of the update as usual, but with some runes I should be able to keep builders busy easily. The difficult part will be grinding heroes and spamming gems on them until they are maxed.

If you start using gems, there is actually no limit on how much you can/need to farm per day. Without gems, it is known that you need 25-40k DE/day to keep one hero upgrading. But when you can use gems to skip all the timers, the amount of DE you need to farm becomes unlimited as you can simply gem all the timers while you keep farming. This is why I always keep a large stash of gems for heroes when a new update drops. This allows me to gem all the hero timers while I farm like a madman to max them out asap.

Now my elixir is empty but I still have a full day before I can spend my gold. I can do a few attacks since I want to keep my elixir topped off before I get the season bank. Season bank will be given to me in less than 24 hours from this pic so I need to do a few attacks.

Unbelievable, a formerly rushed account can actually get 250 defenses. I know most of them are actually trophy droppers who just get to gtfo of higher leagues, but sometimes its weaker players thinking that my base is easy when it is not.

Failed TH11 attackers put a smile on my face. Its someone with TH10 troops and TH11 heroes and they almost 1 starred me.

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