Finally completed this event with lvl1 valks. I just used my regular bowitch army and bringing 2 valks + cc maxed valks to complete the event. I forgotten to take a picture of my attack logs and the event has finished so you guys don’t need to know what I used. People used to argue that rushing is terrible because of these events. Events like these were the first type of “mini games” introduced to clash and they used to give some gems before magic items were implemented. For rushers, we just had to replace a few troops from our barch and still able to get 1 star to count for these events. We could also just bring cc troops to nearly auto-complete all of these events so really, rushers don’t suffer from such events.

My base right before receiving the season bank rewards. I was trying to cap my storages before receiving the full load so that I could keep a lot of loot for December. With the half price discount, even my gold cannot deplete. It looks like I might be able to keep

Builder planning back in action, one builder will come free every day so that I can spread out my farming needs. The problem is that my gold will overflow really soon and I cannot spend it all without walls.

Builder base looking with same with all lvl7-8 defenses. This base is pretty terrible but I have not found a good base to copy from the internet. I’m also too lazy to copy a base manually these days even if my enemies have some really amazing bases. Can anyone recommend me somewhere to copy a new good base?

Lucky rather than having good skill here. It seems like I’m the only person who drops my pekkas and cannons slowly. People just drop their troops within the first 5-6 seconds of the raid, I don’t understand how they can beat me sometimes.

Loot obtained. Now I’m back to 37/37mil with no way to spend it at all.

Many people were quite disappointed with this new hero skin because it doesn’t look too great. I half agree here but I don’t think the skin is that bad.

Gold pass received.

Though I would love a santa warden, but a santa BK isn’t too bad as well. There are so many skins now that people can choose anything they like, so why do they complain that a new skin is hideous? If you really hate the skin with a passion then don’t buy the season pass.


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