Sometimes in chess and in life, you need to give up something to get something else. Here, I sacrifice 3.5mil gold to save some time on my wizard tower.

Upgrade cancelled.

Now I start my intended upgrade which is a wizard tower. Why did I do this sequence?

I did this to claim a 10% discount for my wizard tower. I still paid full price in terms of gold but the 10% discount in time is well worth it. I saved 1.4 days by paying 3.5mil extra, which is very worth it. My gold was full so I couldn’t claim the 50% refund so I had to pay the “full” price of the upgrade.

Trading gold/elixir for time is very worth it because time is the real resource in the game. This is why I don’t really like the winter jam event because half resource cost is useless without a time discount. I have said in reddit before that I would be happy to pay twice the gold price just to complete buildings half as fast.

There was a minor bug initially when I got the 10% discount. The timer still showed 14 days without accounting for the discount. Fortunately I know that I need to restart the game and this greeted me, only 12.5 days remaining.

That wizard tower is the third one going to max now. It will actually complete on 15th Dec which might be after the release for TH13. According to the winter jam event, the speculated time for TH13 is 9th Dec which means that I might only have 1 free builder free during the time with 2 more coming free on 11th and 12th. I might consider cancelling some upgrades (including the above WT upgrade) so that I can jump start my TH13 upgrades.

I would fly to Australia on Xmas day so I hope that I can finish most of the key TH13 stuff before that, so the earlier they release TH13, the better. Coincidentally, TH12 was released 5-6 days prior to my first trip to Australia for my studies. I was farming like a madman while walking around Melbourne at the time.

Lab is not too bad because I can keep working on it while the building is upgrading. I do hope that there is a new level of barch like how lvl8 barch were introduced at the same time at TH12. I upgraded my barbs and was able to upgrade lab at the same time.

Currently, lava hounds lvl2 will complete on the 5th Nov while the next upgrade at lvl3 will complete on the 12th. Since we are anticipating the release on 9th, I don’t think I will start lvl3 so soon. Instead, I might work on wizards because they might require maxed wiz to be effective.

(At the point of typing this – 4th Dec, we are still unsure whether the siege barracks release your current level or maxed level for your lab. According to current videos, we can see lvl9 pekkas coming out from from the barracks but we are still unsure of the level of their actual troop)

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