I did two pretty risky upgrades today but I didn’t want to waste time on my builder and lab. Right now, we still don’t know when TH13 will be released and for the purposes of TH13, I want all 6 builders and my lab available on day 1 if possible. The winter jam event will finish on the 9th of Dec while CWL will end on 10th. I think it is fairly unlikely that the update will be released while CWL is still active so my speculated date of TH13 has been postponed to 10th Dec.

The picture above was taken on 5th Dec so I need to do a 5 day upgrade if I were to be sure to have the builder available for TH13. However, since I have mostly unrushed defenses now, I don’t have any short upgrades to do while I wait for TH13. In fact, my shortest upgrade is 7.5 days! Likewise with lab, I would either need to do some wiz/lightning spell upgrades or do something slightly longer.

As such, I have 3 builders who will complete their upgrades in more than 5 days and a lab which will complete on the 12th of Dec. This is a fairly risky move, but worst comes to worst I will most probably cancel 1-2 upgrades for TH13. It will all depend on the cost of TH13 upgrades and how many I can hope to afford at the beginning of TH13. If all upgrades cost 15mil+ then I will most likely keep my builders busy on the cannon/wizard tower while I farm up enough loot to keep my builders busy.

I would most likely focus everything on AQ, warden and the royal champion first as they are the strongest heroes and probably will give me the biggest boost to my offense. Given how lackluster TH12 army camp and troop upgrades are, I might not even do lab/army camps on day one of TH13 because the ROI is just pathetic.

Hound going to lvl3 right now. If barch lvl9 is not released then I wouldn’t worry too much about lab as upgrading lab troops generally doesn’t improve farming power. I would then most likely focus on electro loon for Jan 2020 CWL.


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