Little did my young mind know, I would need to jump to TH13 in about 24 hours from taking this picture. I felt reasonably prepared as anyone for the update given that I know the prices and all the stat changes for TH13. I had overfilled storages

This would be the bane of my existence as I have 3 builders working on long upgrades (~5 days or more) which will cut into my TH13 upgrade time. I decided to cancel a few of these upgrades when TH13 rolled in unexpectedly but I had no regrets cancelling those upgrades because it allowed me to bring some extra gold into TH13. I deliberately kept one builder free as I expected the update to come in less than 8 days (my shortest upgrade time), it hit me like a wrecking ball instead


  1. You didn’t lose any loot by cancelling the upgrades if you started them when they were at 50% cost and you refunded them after the update dropped(so you get 50% of the cost back, aka all the loot you paid)


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