I was very unfortunate that TH13 arrived during my doctor’s appointment and I couldn’t jump straight into it. I also didn’t check reddit or anything so I didn’t know the update dropped until 1 hour afterwards! Nonetheless, I tried my best to download the update (130+ mb) with my super slow data connection in an old building probably made of lead. Took me nearly 15 min to finish the download. But when I did, this screen greeted me and I jumped in immediately.

The first 12 hours of the update was rough because I started late, then had a family dinner in less than an hour. Being stuck in there meant no clash, so I did my best and only really started farming 12 hours later. By then, golden hour was long gone and I had to deal with regular loot. Worse still, I was stuck in the T2 clouds for a while before I was able to drop down to Masters 3 and farm reasonably.

This is the shortest, most pitiful list of new buildings you’ll ever get. TH13 is just so sad. Ok, to be fair TH12 isn’t much better. I’d say in terms of new stuff, TH12 is worse off. This is why I always hesitate when telling people to rush to TH12, because it really gives nothing. TH13 will soon follow as I am still figuring out how to advise newer players on how to rush. Rushing to TH11 is a no-brainer but TH12 and TH13 are so weak that it hurts.

TH13, immediately.

Looking at the TH13 pack, I considered it.

And bought the other pack instead, 1 book of everything and 1 book of building for $3. If the TH13 pack costed $20, then it would be a solid choice. But at $50, it is as good as a scam. I’ll explain why in a different post.

Immediately bought the Royal Champion and upgraded her to lvl2

Then I chose to upgrade the siege workshop, completely forgetting to use a hammer to complete it, instead using a book

I figured that I could use the hammer on the clan castle instead, it costed more gold and time anyway.

Dropped these cute traps first.

Upgraded the lab and bought the lvl1 scattershot.

I followed my TH13 guide almost exactly as I outlined it, guide below:

TH13 upgrade priority guide

And then I forgotten to use a hammer to upgrade the clan castle here as well. This is what I get for trying to rush the upgrade process and not thinking everything carefully. Oh well, I could use the hammer on lvl2 scattershot instead.

This base would cause me great trouble if I were to drop to lower leagues. I’ll need a change of base otherwise people would just snipe my storages for loot and I’ll lose a ton. First look of my TH13 base, everything new upgrading on empty space.

The difficulty of TH13 is not the farming. Its that you will have 5 builders working on 7-14 day upgrades while only having one builder doing short upgrades. This means that most of your gold and elixir can only be spent on walls initially. After that, it will be a mad scramble to find all the loot to keep the remaining builders busy at day 7-11 of TH13. This is why I keep saying legends is not sustainable for loot, people will realize it next week.


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