Seems like deja vu, tracing the footsteps of my main account.

I only had ONE(!!) builder free for TH13 initially so I had to do the most important upgrade first. I placed my royal champion and upgraded her to lvl2.

Cancelled two upgrades here so that I can do a few more TH13 upgrades. I thought of cancelling more upgrades, but they will be due in 1-3 days time so I didn’t cancel them. Furthermore, TH13 doesn’t have many new stuff so I figured that having 3 builders working on TH13 stuff first would be fine.

Bought my first scattershot with all the gold I had.

I wanted a constant supply of siege machines between both accounts so I had both use books to complete their siege workshops immediately. After this, I forgotten to take more pictures of my base. I used this builder to upgrade my lab as well


    • Yeah, CC is probably a better upgrade to book rather than siege workshop. Its correct that main account can use his own siege and donate to Tiny. I didn’t think it through because I was short of time to think carefully


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