Our clan somehow stayed in Crystal 1 with in one win over 7 wars. We tied with the #7 clan and somehow got more % and managed to stay in C1. Fortunately, being in C1 6th place is far better than being 1st place in C2. We are seriously lacking in our bottom side with many weak attacks. If you are a TH11 and above, you are welcome to join our clan.

Got the most stars on SinOfDusk and got the clan to reward me the bonus medals. I used to always ask for medals on Tiny but now I want my main to reach maxed TH13 faster so I’ll happily claim the 100 extra medals. Currently, the best place to spend medals is on builder potions. I can upgrade so many hero levels using builder potions that it offsets the less overall time saved.

Using the exact same base as my main account makes it a little confusing at times when I’m switching accounts or writing my blog posts, but The Crows are still holding up pretty well as a new TH13 with its only weakness being electro dragons.

New hero lvl3 now going to lvl4. It will take me another 2 months or so before she is maxed. Until then, I’ll still be a TH12.

Walls a little slower on this account because I didn’t have as much stored loot as my main. Still, I can easily max my walls before finishing my defenses. The painful thing will be losing loot because of maxed walls. Then after losing a few hundred million, SC will release new walls levels.

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