Its much easier farming on this account because I am not really focusing much on DE. I am just casually farming for RC and upgrade other stuff in the mean time. My main on the other hand, is trying to farm DE as fast as possible and will spend gems to speed up hero upgrade times

Managed to farm enough to upgrade her to lvl5. I should’ve switched to the seeking shield page to show me gaining the new ability. Using it a few times now, I think that it needs a buff because it leaves many defenses standing after its usage. If you do not destroy the defense with the ability, it is the same as dealing 0 damage because it will still continue defending the base at full power.

2 days to my next builder. I just need to slowly fill up my storages in the next 48 hours. Once RC’s upgrade times get longer, TH13 will become a similar bore because everything takes so long to upgrade. Worse still, there’s almost no growth in everything

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