This account has been using less gems than main because I’m not farming so much here. Despite that, I easily filled up my DE storage. After spending my gold and elixir on walls, I spent half my DE tank upgrading RC to lvl6.

I immediately gemmed her then collected my treasury DE (~10k) and season pass DE (30k) to have enough DE for her next level.

That’s how I got her to lvl7, catching up with my main account. The main difference here is that I’m only upgrading RC on this account whereas main has all DE heroes upgrading with warden following soon.

After the above hero upgrades, I forgotten to take a picture of my base. This is my base the day after. No new upgrades today because I needed to wait 2.5 days for RC to finish her lvl7 upgrade.

She’s still cooking and I just need to farm 60k DE/day to keep her upgrading to lvl8. The difficult part here is to farm elixir at the same time to upgrade troops in the lab. To farm that elixir, I will need to find more dead bases and clean up their elixir with minimal cost. I am thinking to max out miners followed by heal spell on this account. That should greatly help reduce failures and reduce spell usage (hopefully).

I also have lava hounds upgrading in the lab. There are rumors that lab and troop do not upgrade concurrently anymore, so I will verify this in 2 days when I finally get my lab back. If my hounds are not done, I might gem the upgrade, depending on how long do I have to wait.

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