Seems like the rumours are false, my lab building completed along with the troop inside. You just need to visit someone else’s base or restart the game. That’s great, I don’t need to spend gems or wait for this lava hound upgrade.

Upgraded miners because they are my main farming troop. Too bad the upgrade isn’t really strong, I actually cannot really feel the upgrade. However, I can feel how weak miners are without the warden when he is upgrading. Lvl5 + warden is still far stronger than lvl7 without, so that’s why upgrading them doesn’t make them much stronger.

Used a book for the miner upgrade and now using a book to complete the heal spell upgrade. Miners + heals might slightly help me get more loot despite the 10% increase in cost, even the power of those upgrades aren’t 10%, facepalm.

This is why rushing is so good. Since I don’t have enough loot and I have used my rune on the heal spell, I can use a cheap wizard upgrade to keep my lab busy. Maxers on the other hand, waste 10-20% of their books because they have to keep building/lab idle after doing an upgrade. Everything costs too much for a maxer while I can balance out some cheap and expensive upgrades.

Used a rune of DE because I have an extra from season pass

Then used a book again to complete her.

Base looking really good. My DE is half full again because I have 100k leftover after spending on AQ. I can easily upgrade another hero soon.

RC will complete in another 3 days so I have time to fill up my DE storage, upgrade a hero and then still have enough time to farm for RC lvl9.

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