Just like my main account, I am using my free book on AQ. I also have an extra book so I need to use it before I can claim my free book. Some low levels are complaining that they have maxed their heroes and cannot use the free book. To that I’ll just say, “if you’re not TH13, you don’t have anything maxed”.

Booked to lvl67 so I can continue using her to farm. I have an excess of DE so I can do this. Because I’m using inefficient miners, I cannot farm up excess elixir for warden who is much stronger in raids.

Claimed my free book

I still need my elixir for warden, so I will just upgrade wizards again. I will need to take note of the upgrade time and try to farm enough elixir for my next key upgrade in the lab. Having wizards to upgrade is nice, but I want to get started on key TH13 upgrades which would help me in CWL. In reality, most troops don’t help even with an upgrade, but any little bit helps.

All remaining elixir used to upgrade warden to lvl42. I still need to farm hard and get him done asap. There’s no reason to do that, but getting him done means one thing less to worry about.

RC upgrading at the same speed as main account since I have done everything basically the same so far. Main has to farm much faster because I have all heroes upgrading while this account is only focusing on warden and RC.

Anyway, I have started storage upgrades on this account. Its a little crazy that people without the gold pass cannot upgrade anything without storage upgrades. More reason to buy the gold pass it seems, but it alienates f2p players quite a bit


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