Wow, I didn’t notice how bad the healer upgrade is. It only buffs hero walks which SC seems to be pushing right now. Not only did healer lvl5 got nerfed from 80 to 72, lvl6 healers got nothing as well with only a buff to hero walk. SC seems to love this degenerate strategy these days. Seems like my dream of a QW nerf is completely

If SC balanced things correctly, lvl6 healers could easily have 100 heal and still be perfectly fine. They just need to buff TH13 defenses such that 100 heal isn’t broken. If cannons dealt 200 dps, nobody would say 100 heal is OP. But that 100 heal would allow TH13 to easily crush TH12 with only 130 dps cannons.

Free training potion, omg. I just boosted once per account so that I can claim this free item.

I’m spamming less builder potions on this base which is why progress is a little slower. I don’t upgrade all 3 heroes at once which is why builder potions aren’t too worth it. Given that TH13 is so new, barching doesn’t give enough DE to sustain my hero upgrades. I’m currently using miners on this account to speed up RC progress, but plan to switch back to barch pretty soon. With warden upgrading, I find miners to be quite weak.

A 1-gem collector boost will start soon and I expect loot to be better, unless a 1-gem army boost cancels that out and makes loot worse.

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