Since RC doesn’t need much DE, my overzealous DE farming has led to a full DE storage so I decided to upgrade

Then I used a book of heroes like a casual I am so that I can keep using QW miners. I think I will start upgrading BK to max next week so that my DE consumption can match my DE income.

I used the same builder to upgrade giga inferno to lvl3, giving it a slow effect in 10 days’ time and hopefully stopping a few more attackers when it is maxed. I think that the giga bomb should’ve received a buff at lvl5 such that it deals 1500-2000 dmg. This would make it stronger against TH13 threats. Then again, we need to boost TH13 power to compensate otherwise TH13 troops would be wrecked hard by the 1500 dmg.

The solution is actually pretty simple, moderate hp troops should just get +600 hp. This includes miners, valks, hogs and loons. This would mean that a new level would equate to having maxed warden at TH12. Take miners for example, their hp will go from 900 at TH12 to 1500 at TH13 then increased to 2100 with maxed warden. This would ensure that TH13 is far superior to TH12 with or without the warden and preserve the strength increase between levels. Of course TH13 defense would be much stronger, such as the giga bomb buff as described above.

A clanmate also suggested that infernos should block heal again but that would be a drastic shift in the meta. Instead, I suggest just changing giga inferno to block heals and would become a devastating defense.

No pic of my base today because I forgotten. Just showing that power potions = 10 gems

Apologies for the late posts, I’m currently traveling and would try to find time to squeeze my posts.


  1. actually sc said that they might add more things for th13 in the future so maybe they could add lv11 camps (even though probably they would cost a crapton and only give you 5 extra space each) and lv9 barch, maybe in th12 like how lv8 was added to th11 when th12 was introduced. And I hope we also get new sf/dsf lvl


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